EHS Product Certification List

Green Product CertificationIn our effort to validate and present the following Green products and services that have received Green certification from the Green Clean Institute.

Advantage Earth Products, Inc: More sustainable, recycled material used in pipes offering a durable and proven safety factor to those seeking to better protect the environment.

Chrisal USA:  Chrisal offers an amazing line of probiotic products that work in residential and commercial applications.  Because they come in concentrated form, they are affordable as well as environmentally preferred.

RCI Technologies: Provides a unique diesel fuel filter that eliminates waste from used oil filters. Recovers product that would go to waste, cleaner burn for air issues, and great fuel economy.

Pure Air Control Services: Offering PURE-Steam, a natural & economic choice for coil cleaning that is chemical free and totally GREEN.

AXI International:  Provides a service the recovers diesel waste allowing it to be burned more efficiently and reduces waste and pIollution.

EarthStone International: Provides a non-pumic cleaning block of recycled glass used in many cleaning applications.  A nautral pumic is the foundation of this earth-friendly set of products.

Chemtron: Provides a method of air conditioning cleaning that is non-toxic to hotels and businesses and reduced the operation cost of the unit by as much as 30% with a cleaning system that has low environmental impact while improving energy consumption.

Sterified Labs: Produces s line of highly effective cleaning products that are reviewed as Green and safe.

Z BioScience Inc: One of the truly most remarkable Green products that we have reviewed.  This line of Probiotic cleaners and sanitizers represent a breakthrough in cleaning technology.  Rarely have we seen this kind of engineering regarding cleaning products.

The process to earn a credible Green Certification for a product or service is outline at this link.

Green Clean Institute does not endorse any product.  The provision of a third-party review is a service rendered requiring a thorough review process.  Products that demonstrate a high level of Green potential and lack of detrimental factors are verified for the accuracy of representations as a Green product.  Our third-party review allows the public to have greater confidence in products making Green claims.

Any company wishing to submit for a unbiased review of a Green product or service must follow a substantial review of its offering(s).  There is no promise of certification until a full review is completed.  More info ...