SpectraShield Earns GCI Green Certification

The Green Clean Institute has been reviewing and certifying Green products and certifications for nearly twenty years. The Green Clean Institute has renewed its evaluation and certification of Spectra DF-500 and SpectraKill products from SpectraShield Technologies, Inc. These products are real-world proof of a Green and sustainable solution to multiple cleaning and IAQ issues can be superior solution.

See: www.spectrakill.com

The SpectraShield DF-500 offers a variety of solutions using one quality product. Spectra DF-500 is a highly effect odor-removal product. It is also a remarkable sanitizer that treats viral and bacteria threats without dangerous chemicals. As a process is delivered by a mist or spray, it eliminates the labor-intense costs for workers sanitizing the building by hand.

Green Clean Certified Products: https://www.greencleaninstitute.com/green-certified-products