Start a Sanitizing Business

If you are thinking about starting a sanitizing service, the best advice is to follow a superior process as others offer little more than what can be found off-the-shelf cleaning and sanitizing solutions.  The National Ozone Association is one of the most experienced organization with a history of dealing with cleaning, sanitizing, and odor control.  

Whether using ozone or other fogging solutions, the National Ozone Association has helped a large number of startup and existing companies step into the sanitizing market with training, products, equipment, marketing and support.  

The biggest concern is getting to the level of training and readiness to tackle the variety of jobs that you may encounter.  While the training is not difficult, there are many basic elements to understand before taking your business to market.

Expect to spend about $2500 to get the full package of training, equipment, product, marketing, and support.  This is an extremely low bar for starting a business that is in demand in this post-COVID-19 cycle.  As we all know, COVID-19 is an ongoing issue.  The real concern for resurgence of the COVID-19 is ongoing, and that means businesses of all types need a monthly service that provides a month of infection prevention.

This is not something to do casually.  Mistakes can be costly and poorly market their business.  If you already have a service business or work with companies in the area, you have an advantage.  However, the public is anxious for credible answers in the face of the COVID-19 threat.  We have those answers, the best solutions, and the marketing insights you will need.