Green Clean Institute & Green Building

Green Cleaning ServiceTo realize the importance of the value of cleaning, try going without it for long.  The building will still stand.  The lights will still work.  The windows will let in light.  But, if the cleaning is neglected, things rapidly go downhill for any building.  So many things will continue once the building is built.  The services and maintenance of the building become the MOST IMPORTANT liveability factor for any building.  

Without a cleaning service, trash builds up, dirt accumulates, bathrooms smell, floors are filthy.  So, the Green Clean Institute believes that the cleaning service is one of the biggest issues for the daily operation of the building.  But, cleaning is not the same as health because cleaning products, cleaning protocols, and the extra touches affect the health of the building.

Cleaning services using harsh chemical cleaners introduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.  This creates a growing toxic environment that affects workers.  Pesticides are detrimental to the workplace, and so are many fragrances that are used to cover ambient odors.