String Mops are Ineffective for Cleaning

Unless the goal is cleaning an industrial concrete surface, string mops are very old school and mostly a poor choice.  Although the string mops are still being sold and used in routine cleaning service, string mops seem to be both inefficient and rather unGreen.

While there are supply companies are offering training on choosing the right type of mop to use for the job, we should ask why these are still used for a professional service?  Worse yet, string mops with a single bucket of water tends to spread dirty and contaminant from room to room.

Lastly, string mop seem to be labor-intensive and slow down the work.  The innovations of microfiber mops should have moved string mops to extinction.  These mops can be cheaper and workers are familiar with the standard mop and bucket routine.

First of all, always sweep the area to remove the loose dirt before mopping.  Second, find the best microfiber mop for the job.  There are a lot of great choices.  With a minimal amount of training, any worker will quickly adapt to microfiber mop systems.  When the worker masters the microfiber mopping system, they will be able to cover more surface in less time.  And, on-the-job efficiency is always a positive for the cleaning service.

Add the double bucket to the cleaning process for a far superior process so the mop is rinsed in clean solution.  

Frankly, if you find string mops in the janitor supply closet, it is time to starts looking for a new cleaning service.  The old methods of cleaning are better and more effective than what was the standard twenty years ago.  String mop belongs to the era of straw brooms, and it is hard to understand why either are used except in warehouse or special applications.  String mops with single buckets simply do not clean well and tend to spread dirt and contaminants.

Except for special applications, consider the many types of microfiber mops that will speed up the job and provide a more sanitary result.  Combine these mops with a bucket that rinse dirt into one side of the bucket and uses fresh solution with each cleaning cycle as the new standard for cleaning floors.

Cross contamination may be a subtle concept to some, and with the news of corona virus now at our door, there is an urgent need to exam and evaluate the cleaning methodology. Wet string mops hung and festering in the janitor closet is more than unsightly.  They speak volumes to the quality, training, and commitment of the cleaning service..  

Going Green with any good cleaning service means investing in the people, products, and tools needed for a quality job.  The Green Clean Institute offers core training programs from Basic Orientation to a six-part video  series intended to upgrade the workforce and certify their ability to deliver a Green and healthy building service.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Green Clean Institute is offering a new set of training programs in advance of the corona virus threat.  Knowing the basics of infection control applies to all types of infectious diseases.  Cleaning buildings in the age of superbugs, antibiotic immune bacteria, and mutated viruses is the "New Reality" for our generation.

It is expected that the annual spread of diseases like SARS, MERS, MERSA, and COVID-15 are to be expected.  Cleaning services are literally the first defense against infectious disease, personal hygiene is always a big factor, and medical care is actually our last defense against disease.  

Check out our new course: "Coronavirus, and Morden Infection Control for Cleaning Services available in a easy-to-access online video course with certification of workers who are well prepared for the realities of this generation of health threats.