PECO Building promotes a Green Workplace Agenda

PECO Green Building AwardCSI International has been a well-known and high-quality cleaning service in the Newtown, PA area with branches in several states.  CSI has worked with the Green Clean Institute to certify the PECO building in Philadelphia, PA.  This is a LEED certified building and is therefore well-positioned to earn the GCI Green Cleaned building award.

According to the Green Clean Institute, roughly 95% of buildings are not eligible or prepared to go through the cost and demands of the LEED certification.  However, there are many buildings that are making improvements to their daily operations that we call "Progressive Greening."  Progressive Greening of a building or office means making measurable progress to improve the cleaning program and the health quality of the building.

Nearly all cleaning services "Clean for Appearance."  Truly Green cleaning services "Clean for Health first and Appearance second."

Integration of the Green cleaning process can be a token effort, buying a few Green products, or just bragging about "Green Cleaning" on their website.

The Green Clean Institute promotes "Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning Services" that allow a cleaning service to train all workers and managers, install the basic Green cleaning elements, and then use these twenty elements to prove-up the Green quality of cleaning service.

When a GCI Green certified firm follows the basic protocols of the Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning Services, they are not lost in the process.  We know that Green cleaning is about health.  What steps are not only eco-friendly, but improve the health aspect of the workplace?

Find the Best Janitorial service in your area capable of bringing honest Green cleaning to your building or office.  CSI International is a highly-qualified building maintenance firm in the Newtown, PA area.  To assure that your building or office gets more than low-bid, low-quality services, go to the Best Janitorial Service website to locate a business in your area.  If you don't find one, ask your cleaning service to partner with the Green Clean Institute to help your building earn the BCI Green Cleaned Building award.