Your Janitorial Service can be Google Page One in Your City

Janitorial Google Page OneFew janitorial services know how to get to Google Page One.  It takes money, plenty of programming knowledge, fine tuning with SEO fixes, and so much more.  The Best Janitorial Directory has been on the Internet for a decade, and we reinvented the system from top-to-bottom.  The reason is that the Green Clean Institute hopes to advance Green and Healthy buildings in a bold manner.

We are seeking the best janitorial services in every city.  We want to partner with each company to improve the quality of the service so buildings are no just cleaned for appearance, but cleaned for health as well.  

Buildings are a complex system with hundreds of operational factors.  We can't change the age or design of most buildings.  We may not influence the type of lighting or energy use.  The HVAC system is yet another issue.  But, there are real factors that we can change in small steps that literally improves the health quality of the building.  Going Green need not be a major project with massive cost and imposing interruptions of the business operation.

Of the TWENTY KEY ELEMENTS of Green Cleaning issued by the Green Clean Institute, most cleaning service could easily step up their game by simple adjustments.

Some of the elements are simple and common.  They ask for quality entrance mats at all entry doors.  This saves the floor finish from abrasion and the floor last longer between stripping and finishing.

How about upgrading to all HEPA vacuums and replacing the cleaning rags and tools with microfiber upgrades.  This need not happen in a rush but done as equipment wears out.

Other ideas to save water, like using foam dispensers instead of liquids where people wash their hands.  Or properly disposing of florescent lights instead the momentary pleasure of watching them implode as they hit the trash bin.  Or how hard is it really to include at least some recycled paper in the paper supplies for your accounts?

If your service is willing to have your workers trained and certified in the Best Practices for Green and Healthy Cleaning and upgrade your services, your company can be listed "Free of Charge" on our Best Janitorial Directory.  In addition, our highly-rated directory freely passes all local business leads to our approved services.  We could charge for leads like HomeAdvisor, Angie's List, or similar directories ... but we don't.

We are willing to even list your company Free of Charge for 90 days if you are willing to adopt the Twenty Elements of Green Cleaning.  In fact, you will discover that our program is far more than a highly-rated directory.  It is a powerful marketing program that is intended to raise the living standards of commercial buildings in every city.  If you embrace this program, you will have tools that others cannot match.