Coronavirus, Infection Control for Cleaning Services

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, everyone is more than anxious to upgrade their workforce for the challenge of cleaning and sanitizing for infectious diseases, and in particular, the latest Coronavirus.  The Green Clean Institute has gone full force to study, dissect, and formulate a tracing program called, "Coronavirus, Infection Control for Cleaning Service Workers."

There are intense medical-type reports coming out, but the information is not helpful until it is understandable by people doing the real work.

By March 1st, 2020, the latest information that supports the best practices for cleaning and sanitizing during an infectious disease cycle.  

While management may be somewhat experienced on cleaning and sanitizing during an infection, it is extremely important to train the workers on the facts about cleaning during a infectious disease cycle.  The infection control course turns fear into a positive attitude that is incredibly important to to every cleaning service.

Fear of the unknown will do more to disrupt any normality that we nbeed to run a business.  The Coronavirus is a huge disruptive force, and ignorance and unfounded fear makes the threat far more disruptive.

The Green Clean Institute has prepared a balanced, honest, and easy-to-understand course that is available in a 30 minute training video with a training test and certificate.  The course can be distributed to your staff or made a part of your in-house training session.

This online infection control tracing course is a cost of $100 per firm, but made free of charge to new and renewing GCI members.  

Link to Infection Control Course