Check Out the Seriously Green Network

Seriously Green NetworkThe Green Clean Institute is very happy to announce the development of another high-impact website that brings together the very best tools for all "Seriously Green" cleaning services.  The Serious Green Network offers more than other Green cleaning programs because we cover the big three elements that make "Going Green" a complete program.


There are three steps to a "Seriously Green" cleaning service or product. 

The first step is the frontline WORKERS who know how to deliver a quality Green cleaning service.   Trained frontline workers need to understand how Green cleaning works and why it is important.  After COVID-19, we should understand that we are no longer just cleaning for appearance ... we are cleaning for health.  Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has a real dollar-cost impact on every workplace.

The second is a deliberate SHIFT to using Green cleaning products and equipment.  The Seriously Green brings together several great companies offering training, discounts on fantastic Green products, and the ability to develop and certify Green and Healthy buildings in the community.

Third, is a basic GHBP CHECKLIST that identifies that openly demonstrates that your service promotes a Green and Healthy building for those working or living in the building.  Now, your cleaning services can follow the GHBP checklist to gradually improve the quality of the cleaning program which in turns have serious value to employee health, environmental impact, and even improves the indoor air quality.  See: