How to make a Green Building

Green Cleaned BuildingCreating a Green building is much like your personal health.  No one thing will create health.  And, good health is not a one-time commitment to fix things and continue normal operations.  Health is a combination of exercise, eating right, drinking clean water, lowered stress, heredity, and lifestyle.   Your health can be ignores for a long time and even abused. But, as we age, problems we could ignore now aggravate our wellbeing.  

The Green Clean Institute sees buildings as operation programs that have multiple detractions and assets.  Cosmetically, a building may look clean but be very unhealthy.  Poor construction, air handling, and chemical pollution can make a building literally uninhabitable.  It has been said that 70% of commercial buildings are considered at various levels of poor health.  This affects the workers and visitors in the building.  The impact is mostly long-term, so the health impact may not be felt for years after working in the building.

People with weaker immune systems, allergies, and compromised health will feel the impact of an unhealthy building almost immediately.  It would pay to take notice of these health issues as the early warnings that there is something wrong in the building.  

A Green buildings differs somewhat from an eco-friendly building.  Energy savings, recycling programs, and water conservation actually have little impact on the health quality of the building.  Pesticides, cleaning products, fragrances, and even vacuum cleaner do improve or harm the health quality of the building.  So, there is special value for what the Green Clean Institute deems a "Green Cleaned Building".

There is a serious and profound value to the quality of the cleaning service that goes well beyond the appearance.  The cleaning service is a big part of the HEALTH of the building which, in turn, affects the health of those working in the building.  

The Green Clean Institute has developed a standard for a Green Cleaned Building.  The Twenty Elements for a Green Cleaned Building is something that all truly Green cleaning services should adopt and follow.  READ MORE ...