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How to make a Green Building

Green Cleaned BuildingCreating a Green building is much like your personal health.  No one thing will create health.  And, good health is not a one-time commitment to fix things and continue normal operations.  Health is a combination of exercise, eating right, drinking clean water, lowered stress, heredity, and lifestyle.   Your health can be ignores for a long time and even abused. But, as we age, problems we could ignore now aggravate our wellbeing.  

Your Janitorial Service can be Google Page One in Your City

Janitorial Google Page OneFew janitorial services know how to get to Google Page One.  It takes money, plenty of programming knowledge, fine tuning with SEO fixes, and so much more.  The Best Janitorial Directory has been on the Internet for a decade, and we reinvented the system from top-to-bottom.  The reason is that the Green Clean Institute hopes to advance Green and Healthy buildings in a bold manner.

Check the Janitor Closet for the Green Truth

Green Cleaning ServiceDo you really want to know if your cleaning service is even "Marginally Green"?  Well, try to find the janitor closet where the cleaning service stores its equipment and cleaning products.  Cleaning service do not expect anyone to visit or examine this semi-hidden area.  There are a couple of revealing items you may find in that area that either debunks or supports the Green merit of your cleaning service.  After all, a Green building is a healthier building; and this affects your health and the health of all workers.

Green Clean Institute & Green Building

Green Cleaning ServiceTo realize the importance of the value of cleaning, try going without it for long.  The building will still stand.  The lights will still work.  The windows will let in light.  But, if the cleaning is neglected, things rapidly go downhill for any building.  So many things will continue once the building is built.  The services and maintenance of the building become the MOST IMPORTANT liveability factor for any building.  

Green Building Maintenance

Green Building programLEED is primarily concerned with the building construction.  The Green Clean Institute is more concerned with the cleaning program.  The construction is a huge one-time commitment that addresses energy use, building materials, ventilation, carpet, and furniture.  Once done, a Green building can degrade from this pristine status to a not-so-green eco-system.